Due to the versatility of our control system any vehicle land or sea can be made into an unmanned autonomous platform, irrespective of size. From cruise ship to car. We’ve also created the systems to allow a large data throughput. What does that mean? Well, it means that the more data you can send the greater amounts of data you can send through. Allowing bigger payloads, more sensors, higher picture quality and a greater amount of real time data.

Maritime Applications

Defense & Security

  • ISR – Intelligence Intelligence Surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Force Protection/Multiplier
  • ASW – Anti Submarine Warfare
  • McM – Mine Countermeasures
  • Maritime Interdiction
  • Swarming Marine Targets
  • Port Security


  • Shipping
  • Tug Boat Operations
  • Ferries and Water Taxis
  • Surveys – Bathymetric and hydrographic
  • Oil & Gas
  • Sea Floor Mapping
  • Climate Monitoring
  • Inland waterway assessments


  • Search & Rescue
  • Marine Police
  • Critical National Infrastructure Security
  • Disaster Relief/Monitoring