Our C2 system proprietary electronics and software incorporate essential performance criteria including:

  • RF communication, optimised for range and integrity.
  • High speed data transfer for maximum responsiveness.
  • Real-time, low latency control and telemetry.
  • Offline maps.
  • Fail-safe procedures in the event of lost comms.

Gearbox and engine control as well as electrical and peripheral payloads can be commanded remotely using either a multitouch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface) device or a set of physical pushbuttons and toggle switches.

Control itemsMonitored items
Engine Control Start / StopThrottle & Steering position
Lighting ControlEngine/Motor Data
Electrical SystemsGPS Coordinates
SteeringMagnetic Compass Bearing
ThrottleCourse Over Ground (CoG)
GearboxSpeed Over Ground (SoG)
Electronic Control Modules Health and StatusElectrical Systems Status

All system data & component status telemetry is relayed to the Ground Control Station via a high-power radio link and displayed on the main console display.