Advanced Autonomous Solutions for Defence, Security, Shipping,
Surveying, Oil & Gas and environmental operations.

Connected & Autonomous Control Systems

Improvements in efficiency, cost and the ability to remove the human endangerment factor have been important drivers of unmanned system development. Through custom new-builds or retrofitting of existing vessels, the aim is to augment existing operations with minimal human capital deployment.
The AS2 ARC system utilises a highly modular approach for ease of integration of third-party sensors and payloads, as well as rapid switching of operational capabilities.



AS2 Systems is an innovative, forward looking technology company, focused on cutting-edge autonomous systems for use in the Defense, Security and Commercial sectors.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, our proprietary ARC Technologies provide an Autonomous Unmanned control systems, built on technology developed and streamlined over the last eight years. We offer our customers non-export controlled systems with industry leading versatility and security.